Vocal Stress: Modulate Your Voice To Change Your Life

As I write this in June 2021, I live in Melbourne (a pseudonym for ‘the lockdown capital’), so I may have a distorted perspective, but I think I am not alone in believing this Covid world, full of uncertainties, is responsible for a common thread of anxiety. Whether you have lost your job, have no customers, or are holding onto your position by a thread,

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Ep-04 Andrew Gaines

Ep 04 – Andrew Gaines Could we all benefit from a community where fierce, stressful competitiveness gave way to mindful kindness and supportive interaction? . . Louise’ guest Andrew Gaines not only believes this is true, but has spearheaded a global movement to do just that – The Great Transition Initiative. . Both Louise and Andrew are exponents of Moshe Feldenkrais. The ‘Feldenkrais method’ is

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Ep-03 Cassidy LaCreme

Ep 03 – Cassidy LaCreme How many separate interviewees would you need for: a world famous singer, Marilyn Munroe model, TV gangster actor, and Malaysian social media superstar? In Cassidy’s case, only one. She’s done it all, and continues to do it – with her latest post going viral to 9.5 million viewers. . . Louise and Cassidy share stories about ‘stage fright’, how to

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How Important is Structure in Your Presentations?

As a professional speaker I’ve found incredible value in employing and adhering to structure in my presentations. In this blog I’d like to relay why it’s been such a boon, and how important a good grasp of structure can be to giving a stellar presentation! Without structure, there’s no guarantee that your audience will receive your message or perceive you (the speaker) as you anticipate.

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Woman yawning

Yawning and Empathy

Contagious yawning is an odd phenomenon. To varying degrees witnessing a yawn will cause you to reciprocate. The questions are firstly why and secondly, who cares! In 2015, a study was conducted which exposed something fascinating in relation to contagious yawning… When 135 students comprised of both genders were exposed to a yawning example, their level of reciprocation was connected to how high they scored

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Woman explaining with eye contact

How Long Should You Hold Eye Contact?

It’s hard not to feel a little bit awkward when you or someone you’re talking to holds a gaze for just that little bit too long. But how long is too long? Isn’t strong eye contact a good thing, after all?! These are qualms I’d like to lay to rest for you in today’s blog! Isn’t it funny how something so simple – that is,

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Should business people be funny?

Do You Need to be Funny to Speak? (Um, yes!)

Humour is a funny thing (no kidding) when used in a corporate arena. On one hand it can be wielded to increase your influence when speaking, but on the other its use can diminish your authority and how ‘professional’ you are perceived. Though in a different blog I’ve discussed how humour can affect the perceptions of corporate men and women to differing degrees, in this

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Ep-02 Jeff Civillico

Ep 02 – Jeff Civillico It’s easy to be envious of those who have always known exactly what they wanted to do with their lives. Las Vegas entertainer and philanthropist Jeff Civillico is an enviable prime example. . . Jeff’s first insight into his future life’s work came at the tender age of seven in a street performance at the unlikely venue of Harvard in

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Obstacles of the Female Leader

If you are a woman rising to leadership in any environment be it public or private, you have likely felt friction when stereotyped definitions of a good leader and a good woman clash. In this blog, I will share some of the obstacles women face in leadership positions and what we can do to overcome them. Culture is the cause. Assertiveness, Independence, Courage, and for

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The Missing Ingredient Preventing You from Career Success

The missing ingredient is something I’ve noticed in all my years as a professional speaker, leadership coach and body language & behavioural expert. It permeates through our communication channels, it sabotages your impact of what we need to say and it distances you from those with who you need to connect. Its absence is sorely amplified in our current age of virtual conferencing and remote

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How Uptalk & Vocal Fry are undermining Your Performance

Is the way you speak limiting how you’re perceived by others in your career? Scientific research and my experience as a public speaker and international leadership coach says, yes. In this blog I will share with you two major credibility killers that sabotage you when you speak, and how to address them! Ever heard of vocal fry? It’s that scratchy, gurgly, valley-girl sound which is

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How to at least Look Like You’re Listening

Have you ever been speaking only to witness your counterpart carelessly showing signs of boredom or disinterest? It’s disheartening and downright disrespectful, right?! You’ll likely remember this experience, and perhaps view them less fondly in the future. What a pity.  Have you ever considered others might think this of you?! In virtual environments like Zoom, it is my experience that the default of most people

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