Break Free of Interruptions with the Baton Technique

Have you ever been constantly interrupted whilst trying to convey your message? It’s terribly frustrating! In today’s corporate culture it can be a real struggle to get our words in, which is why in this blog I’d like to share with you a technique I use and teach for successfully getting your voice heard, no matter the situation. It’s called the Baton Technique, so let’s

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Global Gurus Top 30

I am very honoured to receive an award for the Global Gurus Top 30 in the Communication category. The letter I received below. Thank you! Dear Dr Louise Congratulations! You have been included in the “Top 30” ranking of Global Gurus and attained the rank #28 in the Communication category. We are all delighted to recognize your achievement and encourage you to share this esteemed

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PSA Keynote Speaker of the Year!

I was thrilled to win the Professional Speakers Australia (PSA) Keynote Speaker of the Year recently! Below is the announcement from the PSA. “This year, determining our Keynote Presenter Award for Excellence was again a challenge. In a year when our very industry was under threat, we proved our value over and over again, with creativity, innovation and genuine professionalism. Our nominees were a group

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Ep-01 Sam Kekovich

Ep-01 Sam Kekovich Although Sam is not the only footballer who transitioned to sports commentary, he certainly is the only one to turn his hand (and mouth) to cultural comedy, brilliant and controversial ‘Lambassador’ for the Australian meat industry and much sought after keynote speaker. . . But as Sam reveals to Louise, it hasn’t always been a painless slide down the splintery bannister of

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Perspectives on Performance – Trailer Episode

Ep-00. Trailer – Sam Kekovich, Jeff Civillico and Cassidy LaCreme highlights Louise interviews a cavalcade of fellow performers from’ all walks’ in this must listen series, for anyone wanting to enhance their presence or profile. Join Louise and her superstar guests as we delve into the mind of the performer. A sneak peek… . . Welcome to the Perspectives on Performance (POP) podcast Louise interviews

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Presenters Are Winners

It is not just what you know, but who you know – that much is obvious. But perhaps what is even more powerful is who knows you. And what better way to be known in the brightest light than by presenting and elevating your status of expertise and authority in the eyes of others? In this blog I will break down why you should not shy away from

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Why Women Are NOT Heard In Corporate Culture

Prejudice against women in the workplace is unfortunately a factor we must face as we navigate our corporate careers. In this blog I will outline what you should be aware of that might be working against you as you climb the ladder, especially when presenting. It was said by Christine Lagarde (a powerful French politician and businesswoman) that “whenever a woman takes the floor there

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Words That Don’t Work In Presentations

Women have it hard enough as it is fighting the stereotypes of corporate leadership. Recent research published in the Harvard Business Review showed that: ‘leaders who use humour are able to increase their employees’ performance and job satisfaction. . . However, women may actually be harmed by using humour at work.’ What! As someone who makes a living out of speaking in business AND USING HUMOUR I guess I know

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The Confidence Gap

If you’re an ambitious woman then you’ve likely noticed how your self-assuredness may not live-up to those of your male colleagues or counterparts. In this blog I will share the present facts on the confidence gap between men and women in the workplace and explain why this is important for women like you and your career and how you can make the changes for a

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The Duchenne Smile

Whenever you communicate, your body language and voice are being interpreted in ways that can make, break or change your message. So, it only makes sense that those who can communicate more effectively and evoke trust within their listeners are better suited to career success! Today I want to share with you one of THE MOST effective tools you could learn and use in your

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