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You are speaking as soon as you enter a room. Any room.

Much of what you say is unconscious – your vocal tone, gestures, eye contact…the mannerisms you adopt when you are uncertain. All of these are messages. All of them are read. Successful leaders communicate messages of authority.

We say leaders have presence. They are comfortable in the spotlight. Their confidence is palpable. It inspires trust and trust gives people influence. It makes people soar.

How Louise helps people to Soar

Your voice, your body language and your mindset create the unconscious messages that undermine your presence. Dr Mahler trains these to deliver confident messages instead. She will give you the authentic manner of a leader who commands respect whether you are negotiating an eight-figure sale, presiding over a boardroom meeting, pitching for new business, being interviewed or trying to inspire the crowd from a stage.

Dr Mahler’s extensive knowledge is supported by cutting-edge processes that identify and resolve your personal stumbling blocks. She will then guide you through the process of developing the professional style that identifies you as a force to be reckoned with. That tells people you are here to lead.

Her coaching program, designed for individuals in influential positions who require 1:1 assistance, is delivered flexibly, most commonly beginning with 3 x 2-hour sessions.

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